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Message from the President continued…

The UBCP/ACTRA Awards will be presented soon.  Taking part in honouring colleagues is one of the things I like most about being your President.  Elevating Canadian Performers to the level of excellence doesn’t happen often enough.  We have a lot of excellent Canadian Performers.  But we don’t single them out enough.  Too often we wait until someone else acknowledges their excellence before we honour them here at home.

Indigenous, Canadian funded, productions should be an opportunity for our excellent Canadian Performers to shine.  I’m sure you agree.  But even in productions created using Canadian taxpayer’s money, our federal regulator (the CRTC – the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission) seems to believe performers from other places are necessary to make the production worthy of attention outside Canada.  Canadian Performers aren’t enough to make it sell in Norway.

Shame on the CRTC!

We demand respect from those whose job should be the promotion of Canadian culture made by Canadians.  But how will we get the respect we deserve from the CRTC?  We’ll get it by continuing to do excellent work each and every time we’re given the opportunity.  We’ll get it by shining a light on that excellence with our Awards Show and by supporting indigenous Film and TV production every chance we get.

Personally, I know I have to get out and see more Canadian movies when they play in the theatres instead of waiting to see them on some streaming or cable service.  I’m probably not alone.

But, most importantly, I have to continue to raise my voice whenever I can.  Emails.  Snail-mail letters.  Voicemail.  Twitter.  I must use every form of communication at my disposal to tell political decision makers that Canadian funded productions should be just that – CANADIAN.

Oh … and by the way, more of that Canadian work should be produced in BC!!




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