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How to join as a Full Member

How To Join As A Full Member (3 Credits)
Performers who are currently UBCP/ACTRA Apprentice Members and who have paid at least three qualifying permits qualify to apply to become a Full Member of UBCP/ACTRA. You must be a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant to be eligible.

To join as a Full Member of UBCP/ACTRA, you must:

• Be an active UBCP/ACTRA Apprentice Member
• Have paid three qualifying permits
• Agree to abide by the ACTRA Constitution and By-Laws and UBCP By-Laws, and
• Pay an Initiation Fee ($1600 less the amounts paid for your qualifying permits)
• Pay annual dues of $195.00. (April 1 – March 31) working dues of 2.25% of your gross earnings

How To Join If You Are A Member Of A Sister Organization
If you are already a full member in good standing of another actor’s Union that is affiliated with the Federation of International Artists (FIA) the reciprocal agreements between UBCP/ACTRA and other organizations allow you to apply to join as a Full Member of UBCP/ACTRA.

Canadian Actors Equity Association (CAEA) members can apply to be a Full Member of UBCP/ACTRA if you have earned an eligible credit on a UBCP/ACTRA production. Under a reciprocal agreement with CAEA, you are entitled to a discount of $475.00 on the UBCP/ACTRA initiation fee. The initiation fee is $1,600.00 and annual Full Member dues are $195.00.

In order to apply for membership based on your membership with another sister organization (i.e. Screen Actors Guild (SAG), American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA), British Actors’ Equity (BAEA), Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA), or another professional actors’ union) you will need to submit an application including the following documents:
• A copy of your current membership card
• Your current headshot
• Proof of your Canadian citizenship/permanent residency status (i.e. Canadian passport, birth certificate or permanent residency card)
• A copy of one (1) performer contracts for work done in a residual bearing category in the other Union’s jurisdiction.
• Proof of payment of a work permit on a UBCP/ACTRA production.

An application that does not meet these criteria will not be accepted. If your application is successful, you will be invited to join as a Full Member. Your Initiation Fee will be $1600 less any permit fees paid for qualifying permits and your annual dues $195.00.

What are Exceptional Circumstances?
The term “Professional Reputation” was updated to “Exceptional Circumstances” in the ACTRA Constitution (Article 3 – Membership, 303, b.). The criteria are unchanged and remain a very high standard for Full Membership status.

A performer who is applying for Membership based on Exceptional Circumstances must be very well known (in the media) and his/her name widely recognized; and able to prove their reputation (DVDs, contracts, etc.). This clause is usually accessed by performers from other countries where such work may not be unionized and where the UBCP/ACTRA does not have a reciprocal agreement in place.

Extra work and non-union work that the Performer has done is not considered when making an application for membership based on Exceptional Circumstances.
The Performer must make application to the UBCP/ACTRA Membership Committee. The application should consist of the following:
• Cover Letter detailing the request
• Resume & Headshot
• Letters of Recommendation
• Proof of Canadian Citizenship or Landed Immigrant Status

If applying as a member of another union, the following is also required:
• Copy of a current union card from the other union
• Proof of their first eligible credit in UBCP/ACTRA’s jurisdiction
• Copies of three principal contracts worked in the other union’s jurisdiction
• If the documentation required is in a language other than French or English, an official translation is required.

If applying as an established artist, the following is also required:
• Copies of professional engagement contracts
• If a vocalist, include at least one copy of released recordings (CDs)
• DVD(s) of recorded performance work
• CD of radio work

How will I know if my application was successful?
UBCP/ACTRA Membership Committee recommendations are submitted to the UBCP/ACTRA Executive Board for approval. All applicants will receive the decision of the Executive Board in writing. If your application is successful, you will be invited to join as a Full Member. Your Initiation Fee will be $1600 less any fees paid for qualifying permits and your annual dues $195.00.

What if I am a former Full Member and I want to re-join?
Resigned Full Members of UBCP/ACTRA may apply to re-join as a Full Member, or start over with a new Apprenticeship using an eligible credit. If you choose to apply to re-join as a Full Member you will be required to pay a $1600 Initiation Fee and the annual dues of $195.

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