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Close Up Letter from the President continued…

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Continued from page 1

The life of a performer is not an easy one.  Even the most successful performers deal with constant criticism and a never-ending search for the next opportunity to perform.  The next audition.  The next time we have to prove to someone we’re capable of doing the job and deserve to be cast.  The next time we have to consider accepting less money and less respect than we know we deserve.  The next time to have to navigate the minefield of power-people who can sometimes make harassing demands and insulting suggestions.  Being a performer is more of a lifestyle choice than a profession.  People who can’t deal with the lifestyle which comes with being a performer are better off considering another profession.

The UBCP/ACTRA Awards are an opportunity for Members to step away from all the challenges of the life we have chosen and celebrate not only those who have been nominated for the awards, but also everyone in our industry who works in front of the camera or in front of a microphone in a recording studio.  We’ve all earned a few hours of celebration.

The UBCP/ACTRA Awards.  Honouring a few – while celebrating us all!


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