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Sexual Harassment Resources

Code of Conduct:

UBCP/ACTRA maintains a list of UBCP/ACTRA Members who are teachers and instructors who have voluntarily signed a code of conduct. The list is an internal document and you can ask about a specific instructor by emailing info@ubcp.com.

UBCP/ACTRA does not recommend or endorse any of the instructors who have signed the Code of Conduct. The list is comprised of instructors who have voluntarily signed on to the UBCP/ACTRA Code of Conduct. UBCP/ACTRA reserves its right to update the list at its discretion. This Code of Conduct only applies to behaviour from the date of the signing of the agreement.

If you are an instructor who would like to sign the Code of Conduct please click here and once signed and dated email it to: info@ubcp.com.

Workplace Sexual Harassment and Assault Overview and Definitions

Sexual Harassment Counselling Information

If you experience or witness bullying or harassment of any kind in the workplace, you must report it. It’s the law. We can guide performers through the process to report a witness account too.
Call us during business hours, or email the reporting line, anytime: report.it@ubcp.com

The Union has formed a Sexual Harassment Task Force which is looking at initiatives to:
-Protect our Members in coaching and teaching environments
-Reduce barriers to reporting sexual harassment
-Protect and support young performers
-Improve our collective agreements and legislation
-Create a Member to Member support structure for those who have experienced sexual harassment or assault
-Liaise with Worksafe BC to step up film set monitoring of harassment protocols and orientation.

If you have any suggestions that you would like the Task Force to consider, please send an email to sue.brouse@ubcp.com or call Sue at 604-689-0727 X2257

If harassment occurs outside of the workplace there are resources available to you:
Consider reporting to the police. We understand that idea may cause concern as victims have been put through
intense victim blaming and disbelief. However, the times are changing and there may be more support now than
ever before.

Women may contact WAVAW (Women Against Violence Against Women) for guidance and support.
Office, Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm: 604 255 6228
24 Hour Crisis Line 604 255 6344
Toll-Free 1 877 392 7583

Additional resources:
The BC Human Rights Clinic:
604-622-1100 or toll free: 1-855-685-6222.
Definition of sexual harassment:

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