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Student ULB Program FAQ

Frequently asked questions…

Q1: Who may access the Student Ultra-Low Budget Program?

A: The student film program may be accessed by students who are producing for course credit or as part of their school curriculum.

Q2: Is there an application fee?

A:   No.

Q3: Is it possible to include a non-Canadian performer in my production?

A: All cast must be Canadian Citizens, Permanent Residents, or International Students cast as part of their program credit.

Q4: We may shoot at a location in which we will require the Performers to stay overnight. Is this permitted?

A: The Ultra-Low Budget Program may allow Performer to stay overnight at a distant location. Please contact an Ultra-Low Budget administrator for more information about our travel requirements.

Q5: How many UBCP/ACTRA members must I cast?  Am I permitted to cast non-union members?

A: Many productions have both union and non-union members.  There is no limitation or restriction as to how many UBCP/ACTRA members you must cast. You may cast all UBCP/ACTRA members, or just one.

Q6: If a non-member performs on an ultra-low budget production, may they use the performance as a credit for membership?

A: No.  Working on an ultra-low budget production does not count as a credit toward Union membership.

Q7: I am not paying my Performers, what coverage is required?

A: Accident on Set Insurance coverage is required when Performers are not being paid. In addition, if your production includes stunts, UBCP/ACTRA requires you to have Commercial General Liability coverage.

Q8: How much does “Accident on Set Insurance” cost?

A: The premium for the Student Ultra-Low Budget Program is $11 per UBCP/ACTRA member, per day.  In addition, on any day where the UBCP/ACTRA member is engaged in a risk performance, the premium increases to $55 for that day.

Please see www.accidentonset.com for additional information, or contact  the program administrator in Toronto at 1 800 387-8897, extension 304, or by email admin@accidentonset.ca

Q9: I am paying my Performers, what coverage required?

A: Under the Student ULB Program, Production is not required to pay performers a daily fee. If you have negotiated compensation for your Performers, WorkSafe BC coverage is required by BC Provincial Law. In addition, if your production includes stunts, UBCP/ACTRA requires you to have Commercial General Liability coverage.

Q10: Why do we need to include SIN numbers on the final cast list?

A: UBCP/ACTRA requires the address, SIN number, and number of days worked for each performer.  This information is used by UBCP/ACTRA for the sole purpose of distributing residuals that may be owed to performers should your project generate revenue.

Q11: We’ve made some revenue on our production! What’s next?

A: Under the terms of the Student Film Agreement, the producer shall pay Performers an amount equal to 5% of the Distributor’s Gross Revenue.  If your production generates revenue, contact our Distribution Department – 604-689-0727

Do you have a question that hasn’t been answered? E-mail ulbprogram@ubcp.com or call 604-689-0727





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