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Top Ten Things You Can Do To Help Save BC Film

1. Hand out Movie Money with every purchase you make: Movie Money is available at all the Union/Guild offices. We have also provided a PDF file downloadable from our website

2. Contact your MLA – by phone, email, or letter – use MLA finder. Each union’s websites have the MLA finder link as well as sample letters and tips when contacting your MLA. We suggest that you telephone your MLA. If you need to leave a message, let them know you are a constituent and calling about the film industry. Ask for a call back. Remember to be respectful. Click her for sample letters.  Click here for tips for when contacting your MLA.

3. Distribute and display posters and bumper stickers. MPPIA has funded this initiative and these will be distributed through the Union offices.

4. Be a part of the media stories. If the media broadcasts or publishes a story – add your voice, call or write in. If everyone speaks up, we will be heard.

5. Sign the Save BC Film petition

6. Tell your story on We Create BC’s Facebook page

7. Call your candidates in the upcoming election! The unions will be providing some questions to ask to gauge where the candidates stand with regard to their support of the film industry. Attend the all candidates meetings in your riding and ask these questions. Let’s ensure our issues are in the top of the candidate’s minds.

8. Watch your union’s website and facebook pages for upcoming events. We will also be posting the candidate’s responses to our questions which will inform our members about who supports our issues in the upcoming election.

9. Register at Place Speak – Sign up and be counted. Email the link to as many people as you can since not everyone is on Facebook or Twitter.

10. Make your voice heard on election day.

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