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2018 UBCP/ACTRA Awards Nominees

We asked each nominee “What is the best thing about being a performer in BC right now?” Here is what they said:


Bob Frazer 

“It is heartening to see the amount of generosity in our community. I have seen people come together and devote themselves and their time to creating short films, web series and feature films. I have been a recipient of good will and kindness from “rivals” at auditions. I have witnessed and been a part of groups who have a strong and passionate desire to get better at the craft of acting. These easy but great efforts make me proud to be a part of this creative community and make me want to live up to the standards I see all around me.”

Patrick  Gilmore
“The longer you’re in the industry the more it feels like family and there’s nothing better than seeing family follow their dreams.”
Brandon Jay McLaren
“The best part of being a part of this community is to have the opportunity to watch those around you grow creatively.”
Andrew McNee

I’m always so grateful to be one of the very lucky who get to do this for a living.  We have the wonderful privilege of being story tellers, and to be a part of the Ensemble, surrounded by the openhearted souls who have chosen this life as well is a dream come true.”

Michael Patric
“I get to work with supportive creatives with open minds and open hearts, and have friends of all ages and backgrounds. Not a common thing in other working communities.”
 Dylan Schmid 

“I’ve worked on a few short films recently, including one of my own that I’m writing and co-directing.  I’ve discovered that a surprising number of people are willing to work for little to no money at all to do what they love (while adhering to union minimums, of course)!  So many different people need to come together to make a movie — and it’s so amazing to be part of a community where that passion can supersede everything else around it.”


  Sonja Bennett
“I love how supportive, generous and friendly our community is. We are genuinely celebratory of each other’s successes.  To me, it feels like we are all on one giant team together which makes the day-to-day life of working in this industry delightful positive even in the times when things aren’t going exactly the way I want them to!”
  Sara Canning
“Being part of this film community for the past decade has provided me with more friends, inspiration, laughs and conundrums than I could have ever imagined, and I’m grateful for all of it. It’s an honour to be a member of this union and wonderful circus of a community.”

Alexia Fast 

“Feeling supported by other actors and film industry professionals is what I like best about being a part of this community. I value the chance to feel connected to others. It’s always fun to run into fellow actors on set and have that camaraderie.”

Karin Konoval
“Whether it’s a film, tv or theatre project I love most being part of a storytelling ensemble, the moment to moment journey of finding and telling story. Each of us, however we’re part of it — whether actors, directors, camera, lighting, sound, design, make up, hair, everyone — holding our own unique place in the ensemble and working together to find and tell story as well as we can. That’s what I love most.”


Elyse Levesque

“There are many wonderful things about our community, from its diversity of talent to its seasoned professionalism both in front of and behind camera, but the thing for me that has always made it stand out from the rest is it’s sense of camaraderie. I’ve always felt among friends on every set I’ve walked onto. Felt supported in every casting office, whether I stunk up the room or knocked it out of the park. Felt championed by my fellow actors, which isn’t always the case in our fiercely competitive and often unpredictable business. It’s these qualities that have given me the feeling of coming home every time I’ve been fortunate enough work back in Vancouver.”


Kerry Sandomirsky
“I’m inspired because veterans in this community retain their passion, their curiosity and their sharp senses of humour. I frequently go onto a set and find myself surrounded by excellence. I can continue to learn from my peers, whether they are age nine or ninety.”
Keegan Connor Tracy
“What I like best about being part of this community of actors is the notion that none of us are in this crazy struggle alone. The arts can be a really difficult path and to know that you are surrounded by people who all share the same woes and heartaches as well as victories and delights is truly heartening. To know that we support each other and really root for each other’s success is deeply meaningful. It’s not always a straight trajectory for Canadian actors and we need to have empathy for each other in this journey and to keep creating a community where we feel we can turn to our peers to learn from them, gripe with them and rally them in support of all our creative endeavours.”



 Ta’Kaiya Blaney

I really enjoy being on set with other more experienced and famous actors and actresses. I am a little star-struck and I like watching how they prepare for their scenes. On my last set, Monkey Beach, all the actors would gather in the hotel lobby and talk until late about common issues they experienced being indigenous actors on and off set. It was also fun sharing meals together and sharing laughs and stories. It’s hard so say what I like best because I’ve been able to travel to some beautiful out-of-the -way locations. In Kayak to Klemtu, I got to travel to the Big House in Klemtu and also kayak along the coast of BC. For Monkey Beach, I got to travel to beautiful Kitimat and meet the community there that was very excited about the filming. But most of all I like the camaraderie with other actors. It’s nice having a good agent who can negotiate for me so I don’t have to worry about little things, like warm trailer rooms, and getting equal treatment.

  Daniel Doheny

“I’ve always experienced a very positive and respectful work environment in this city, and that’s rad. Rad I say, rad.”



Taylor Hastings

“The best part about being immersed in this community is open-door accessibility. As a performer in BC I have direct access to incredible opportunities, exciting work, and most importantly, welcoming and supportive peers and mentors.”

Ricky He
With our industry continuously growing and progressing here in Vancouver, I’m indescribably proud to be able to take part and contribute as a performer. As “Hollywood North”, our city and our artists can be seen all over TV and movie screens, so I think my favourite part about our community is seeing all the familiar places and face on screen. When one of us wins, we all win. And that’s the best thing about this community – the love and support.
Chance Hurstfield
“There are so many reasons why I love being a part of this community! There is so much talent here, and getting to work with such a high calibre of people helps me learn and grow as an actor.There are tons and tons of opportunities here, and getting to play so many different types of roles is a dream come true. Plus getting to work in my own city is really the icing on the cake! While our LA cast-mates are searching for condos to rent in Vancouver, we get to go home and play video games! ;-)Honestly, I don’t know if fate would have turned out this way if I was born in any other place, and believe me I appreciate that very much!”
Gabriel LaBelle

“My favourite part about being in the acting/film community is being in movies and TV shows in general. I love watching movies and TV; I’ve been watching my whole life. It’s just so exciting to know that I have the opportunity to build a career of what I love doing. Acting is great because becoming different characters in different stories really gives me a lot of perspective towards life in general. It’s so freeing to become someone I’m not and learn from it. I love how the film industry is so vast and vivid. I can definitely see myself becoming a director or producer, given the connections I make down the road.”


Daniel Davis Yang

“We understand.”


  Michael Daingerfield

“I’ve always said that the Vancouver voice-over community is my tribe. I am proud to work with all of the talented and generous people that make up this wonderful group. I learn from you on a constant basis.  We’re all pushing each other to get better. Couldn’t be happier to be part of it.”

Andrea Libman

“It’s an honour to be a part of a community of such diverse talent that is incredibly supportive and encouraging of one another.”


  Erin Mathews 

“My favorite thing about this community is the laughter and kindness that are present at every session. My colleagues are some of the funniest and most compassionate folks in the city. And that makes for a highly enjoyable workplace.”


Sabrina Pitre

“Being a voice actor is like getting to be a kid again, only instead of disrupting the class and being asked to stand out in the hallway, I’m in one big, zany classroom filled with people just like me!

I count myself so very lucky to be able to work with such a talented, welcoming, and inspiring group of people.”


Vincent Tong

“The voice world is filled with of the kindest & most generous people in the industry.”


Arrow – Season 6 – Brothers in Arms  

Stunt Coordinator:Eli Zagoudakis

Stunt Performers: Will Erichson, Curtis Braconnier



Arrow – Season 6 – Life Sentence Stunt Coordinator: Curtis Braconnier

Stunt Performer: Eli Zagoudakis

Arrow – Season 6 – Shifting Allegiances  Stunt Coordinator: Eli Zagoudakis

Stunt Performers: JJ Makaro


Darc  Stunt Coordinator: Brett Chan

Stunt Performer: Jeff Sanca

Darc Stunt Coordinator: Brett Chan

Stunt Performers: Andrew Chin, Mark Chin, Gerald Paetz

 The Flash – Season 4 – Think Fast  

Stunt Coordinators: Jon Kralt/Trevor Addie

Stunt Performers: Chad Bellamy, Adam Chase, Mark Chin Ken Do, Lucius Fairburn, Kevin Fortin, Kevin Haaland , Zen Humpage Cody Laudan, Brian Lydiatt, Ryan Moss, James Mowat, Jesse Pierce, Matt Reimer, Shawn Robidoux, Chris Webb, Mike Wu

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