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2017 UBCP/ACTRA Awards Nominees

We asked each nominee “What is the best thing about being a performer in BC right now?” Here is what they said:


Alex Barima

The best part of being a performer in BC, is the people, hands down.  The crews here are incredibly hardworking, experienced, talented, and generous. Everyone here takes great pleasure and great pride in their work.


Richard Harmon
I’ve been working in this town for the majority of my career, I grew up here. Over time I’ve made friends and even family out of my fellow BC film community. Coming to work everyday not only to a job I love but also coworkers I love and respect is about as cushy a situation as one could ask for in my opinion 
Adrian Holmes
It’s my home and it’s always nice to work in your backyard.
Ty Olsson
That Vancouver is a hotbed for young, creative and passionate filmmakers who are pushing the independent industry productions to new heights. There is just so much talent through the entire industry here. Crews, actors, directors, writers… we have it all and are finally starting to really show case our skills in BC made film and TV.
Benjamin Ratner
I have been a UBCP/ACTRA member since the beginning — I’m member # 980 — and it’s great to see how many of us have persevered and flourished, helping to pave the way for the vastly talented next generation of BC actors. The opportunities out there have never been greater for performers of all types and ages. Do the work and make it happen!


Rukiya Bernard
We are living in the golden age of TV and soooooo much of it is shot right here in BC. Nothing better than being a working mom and bringing my kids to set to see what I do and then being able to tuck them into bed at the end of the day (should I get off early enough;-)
Tammy Gillis
The best thing about being a performer in BC right now is the amount and range of opportunity that exists here, as well as being able to work with so many friends and familiar faces.  I’ve worked really hard to get to this point in my career and I am truly living my dream.  I am very grateful and having the time of my life!
Chelah Horsdal

Besides the obvious of being able to be at home in my own bed every night, I love that I’m surrounded by people with whom I’ve grown. We have a shared history that brings me a deep comfort and sense of ease. Being on a set that feels like home is due simply to the people who inhabit it. 


Jennifer Spence
Quantity, quality and accessibility. I feel like it’s another golden age of television right now and it’s far reaching both in where it’s shot and how it’s seen. It’s also so encouraging to see the various programs that continue to crop up to support creators of diverse backgrounds in our community and beyond. We have a ways to go but I do believe things are gradually changing in a positive direction.
Camille Sullivan

When I think about what makes BC TV and film special, it’s the community. Through the kindness and generosity shown me by my colleagues and friends, throughout my career, I found the courage to try.  My best work has always been the result of a supportive, creative environment and we are so lucky to have that here.



  Maxine Chadburn
The best part about being a performer in BC is the access I’ve had to both the resources of the city as well as the ability to find space outside. BC really is beautiful. Living in the city of Vancouver, I’ve been able to be a part of a community and industry while still having the freedom to get outside and find solitude. The psychological shifts between community and solitude are what I often draw from when exploring characters and their stories.
Hannah Cheramy

I feel very lucky to be able to live and work in this exciting industry in BC.   I love being able to work with such talented people both in front of and behind the camera.   The amount of work available, and the talent level of the people I get to work with makes me able to continuously learn and grow in my passion.


Adam  DiMarco

Everything – the people, the opportunities, the mountains, the air… everything except the seasonal affective disorder.


Issac Keoughan
The best thing about working in BC right now is the amount of opportunities for work is unreal. We’ve come a long way from the #SaveBCFilm days.
Aiden Longworth
Lots of work, and some big shows are filmed here. There are a lot of opportunities in BC and in such a great place like Vancouver that has an amazing community of hardworking people in the film industry
Graeme McComb

The best thing about being a performer in BC is opportunity. Whether it’s a class, an audition or creating with the community, there’s always an opportunity to grow as an artist.


Andrea Libman
Rebecca Husain

I work with the loveliest people… well… except for that one guy who takes off his shoes and airs his feet.

Nicole Oliver

The BEST thing about being a performer in BC right now, is the possibility for exposure, the dedication to striving for diversity and equality, and the number of creative options and avenues available to express and share my creativity, whether it is in front of or behind the camera/microphone.



Vincent Tong

I love seeing everyone so busy in the voice, tv and film industry right now. Studios are booked up. Streets are littered with film sets.  This city is alive and showcasing the many talents we have here: in front of the mic, behind the lens and on the stage.  I’m very proud of the work I get to do here, as well as the generous people I get to call co-workers and friends.



Simon Burnett, Jon Kralt, Leif Havdale, Corry Glass
Curtis Braconnier
Colby Chartrand, Lauro Chartrand
Chad Sayn, Lloyd Adams
Eli Zagoudakis

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