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UBCP/ACTRA Stunt Community Survey

Proposed National Stunt Co-ordinator Guidelines & Registry

March 15, 2017

In January 2017, the ACTRA National Stunt Committee passed a motion asking for a national standard that outlines the minimum qualifications of all ACTRA Stunt Coordinators.  Those qualified Stunt Coordinators would be eligible to add their names to the voluntary National Stunt Coordinator Registry.  This list would be made available to productions upon request for potential employment opportunities.

Currently, ACTRA Toronto is the only jurisdiction in Canada that has guidelines or industry standard in place for Stunt Coordinators.  All ACTRA branches including UBCP/ACTRA have been asked to consult with their stunt communities to gain approval for the adoption of the existing ACTRA Toronto guidelines as nation-wide standard.

The proposed National Stunt Coordinator Guidelines & Registry: 

ACTRA will maintain a list of Stunt Co-ordinators who:

  • have been members of ACTRA or a comparable film and television union (for example SAG/ AFTRA, UK Equity, MEAA, etc.) for at least 10 years;
  • have worked at least 425 days as a stunt performer under an ACTRA or comparable union contract; and
  • are at least 28 years of age.

Applications under special circumstances:

  • Currently at ACTRA Toronto, members who do not meet the above criteria and who wish to be on this registry may apply to the Executive Director or her/his designates. A veteran ACTRA Toronto stunt coordinator (drawn from a rotating list) will be consulted regarding such applications before an initial ruling is made. Members who are not satisfied with the decision may appeal it to the Executive Committee of Council. Members who remain unsatisfied may make a final appeal to the ACTRA Toronto Council.

*NOTE:  If/when the Stunt Coordinator Guidelines & Registry are adopted nationally, an application process will be established at each branch for those members not meeting the above criteria who wish to seek an exemption and be added the registry.

UBCP/ACTRA Background:

The conversation around Stunt Coordinator qualifications in BC has been happening for decades.

At the May 2016 Stunt Coordinator meeting, the Stunt Committee and many veteran members of the stunt community expressed that it was time to formally address minimum qualifications for UBCP/ACTRA Stunt Coordinators.  It was generally agreed that minimum qualifications would help ensure sufficient experience, knowledge, maturity and skill has been acquired by a Stunt Coordinator for the safe, proficient and professional operation of a production’s stunt department.

Stunt Coordinators are supervisors under the laws of BC and they carry significant responsibility especially in the areas of health and safety.  Establishing our own minimum qualifications will help ensure that Stunt Coordinators are ready, on many levels, for the responsibilities that the position mandates.

These proposed National Stunt Coordinator Guidelines have been in place for several years at ACTRA Toronto and the registry has proven useful, especially for Canadian or lower budget shows.  The request is to simply expand this strategy so there is consistency across Canada and that the registry can assist productions in finding the best fit for their projects nation-wide.

This survey is intended to gauge the level of support of all UBCP/ACTRA Stunt Community members for the proposed National Stunt Coordinator Guidelines & Registry.

Addressing your questions and concerns about this proposal is important.  Please utilize the comment sections in the survey and enter your name and email address at the end should you wish to have your issues responded to.

Your individual comments will remain confidential.

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