Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8“Working with UBCP/ACTRA was easy. But the really big bonus was the huge talent pool it opened up. For a novice director to work with talented, professional and seasoned actors was just an amazing experience, and one not likely possible without the UBCP/ACTRA student film program.” Scott Reynolds, Filmmaker “You will find our Members willing to work in all sizes of production – provided the production has a signed Agreement with UBCP/ACTRA.” Alvin Sanders, UBCP/ACTRA President “We recently used the UBCP/ACTRA Ultra-Low Budget Program and had an extremely positive experience. UBCP/ACTRA made the process effortless while guiding us along; allowing us to focus on the creative.This is such a valuable program. We stayed safe, protected, and made our first short film!” Heidi Ford, Performer/Producer